About Us

Below are a range of services we provide:


Our expertise offers comprehensive Miramo® based publishing solutions that integrate seamlessly into any existing IT infrastructure.

Our solutions enable you to turn your data into precise PDFs that adhere to any branding or style guides.


The APS (Advanced Publishing System) provides a client-server environment which encapsulates all the power of Miramo®. It also contains a data management server and generic document component library which supports a range of output types – which now includes HTML and PowerPoint.

The simple user interface allows users to select the specific document they require, apply customisations and publish it with the latest data in a matter of seconds.

Web Services

We are able to design and implement web services that give your company a powerful and flexible document production system.

From added functionality to your existing site (e.g. application forms) to a whole site designed from scratch we offer interactive, stable and secure solutions.

Data Processing

Our data expertise is second to none. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle data from almost any source and utilise it in our solutions.

We use a range of custom in-house tools/components for handling common data types e.g. Excel and XML – enabling us to create a single output from wide range of inputs.

We also provide database solutions for companies wishing to efficiently store their data in a more structured form. This is advantageous to providing a more comprehensive publishing solution.


We have a solid background in Java development dating back to its first release over 25 years ago. This includes powerful yet simple to use web services.

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